selected work

Camp Water Crisis — UTS Central News

It's just about access to clean water. We have a right to clean drinking water and to adequate shelter and housing.
Water contamination, lease agreements and a small NT community asking for answers.

Exodus — trailer

A short documentary on the Rohingya crisis and the plight of women during conflict.

Injustice in The System — audio story

Invisible Selves

At least 45% of Australians will experience a mental illness during their lifetime and at least 690,000 Australians live with a complex mental illness (CMI) on-going.

China Press Freedom Report 2018

TenYear Edition: A Decade of Decline — (editorial co-ordination)

Well, Actually

Podcast pilot: A weekly podcast about non-binary, trans and female-identifying folk, work, the dumb sh*t people say and Australian Politics.